Who Are We

Hello to all you amazing women!
I want to share with you a project born out of love and a passion for women’s well-being. My husband, a retired gynecologist, and I decided to join forces and create an online store that is so much more than that. We aim to be your destination for skincare, beauty, and intimate hygiene, but also a beacon of information and support for each and every one of you.

Our company, Paz Lashes Esthetic, is not just a spa where we pamper and care for women’s skin, but also a place where we offer high-definition facial treatments and everything you need to defy aging. We’re passionate about helping you maintain your beauty and health over time.

The reason we decided to create this website is simple: we want to be your guides in the search for products that are truly beneficial for your care. Here you’ll find a thoughtfully curated selection of products that we have tried and recommended for all of you. But we didn’t stop there.
We expanded our horizons to include products that care for your intimate hygiene and overall well-being. We believe that a healthy and happy woman radiates beauty from the inside out.
Our commitment goes beyond offering quality products. We want to be a part of your journey towards a healthier and more beautiful life. Our online store reflects our desire to serve you in the best way possible.
We hope this project is embraced with open arms by all the women who want to take care of themselves and look beautiful. We are committed to maintaining the same standard of care and personalized attention online as we do in our spa. We want you to feel like you’re dealing with friends, and we hope you find everything you need and desire here.
On behalf of Paz Lashes Esthetic, we welcome you to our online store. We hope this is an experience that meets your needs and expectations. We are here for you, to answer your questions, to provide guidance and support in your quest for well-being and beauty.
Thank you for being part of this exciting adventure with us!
With love,
Mayra Paz

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